I'm trying to reconcile my insomniac tendencies with my daily life. It's a constant struggle. Part of me doesn't want to be creative until after 7 p.m. And yet I have responsibilities that get me up every morning, bright and early. There is something romantic about the nighttime. I know a lot of other artists are the same way- and sometimes I envy the lifestyle other artists have that they can sleep in and live life on their timeline, and still play shows until 2 a.m. I was reading an article recently about famous artists/ scientists/ authors/ famous people and their daily habits/ routines. As much as I long for a simplistic, only art creation-centered lifestyle, I wonder if this is even possible for most artists. Most people I know who are musicians have multiple jobs, and are trying to maintain a roof over their heads and still carve out that solace to create. Maybe that's why artists love the nighttime- most regular businesses are closed, and there are fewer distractions. At least, that's what I like about the night. Fellow artists, what are your habits? Or, what do wish your habits would be?