Top 10

I thought you might want to know my top 10 awesome things about this week in the life of Rebekah Rhys. You may not know that you wanted to know, but now that I've mentioned it, you're awfully curious, aren't you. Any guesses? With Letterman retired, someone has to make generally useless but entertaining top 10 lists. So here goes.

10. Sleeping in. I got to sleep in a few times this week. I won't tell you how late. But it was AWESOME. 

9. Had a fabulous bloody mary at GRBC. They make their own mix, and I'm a sucker for a good bloody. Highly recommended.

8. The pope is in the USA. I am not a Catholic, but I think Pope Francis is pretty rad. Plus, I just heard he's putting out a prog rock album (really, not a joke) and I'm thinking... collaboration? 

7. An acquaintance of mine has two very sick kids who have a rare kidney disorder. This week they BOTH got a new kidney, and just like that are on their way to a healthy, happy life disease-free. I'm so stoked for them. Seriously, you should hear their story here. 

6. I travelled to Rockford, IL with my sig other and watched him lead an amazing health seminar. It's so inspiring to see positive people inspire others, and there were enough positive tear-jerking moments for a FEW weeks. :) 

5. Got to visit not one, but TWO beautiful lakes this week and just BE. Namaste. 

4. Organized my desk. AND filed my paperwork appropriately. I have a clean desk, guys. This is a big deal.

3. The musical I was in, Company, was nominated for a 'Best Musical' Grand Award. I am stoked, but not surprised. Because we were amazing. :) 

 2. Open for Jennifer Knapp. Technically, this was over 7 days ago, but it was recent enough to talk about. It's not every day you get to play on the same stage as someone who shaped your songwriting style. So yeah, that was awesome. 

1. Typically, weather in September in Michigan is, well, unpredictable. Sometimes it snows. This week has been GLORIOUS. I am in the best mood ever when it's sunny out, and I have appreciated and soaked in every moment. The power of that glorious globe of Vitamin D goodness can never be underestimated. 

And there you have it folks. Just a peek into my world for the week. I'm playing Zeeland, MI tomorrow night from 8-11, so come out and have a slice. Ciao.

Summa summa summatime

(I have to admit, I am a bit of a grammar freak, and writing the above spellings incorrectly has me a bit stressed out, but in the spirit of 'summatime', I'm going to go with the flow :) )

When your last blog post is from December, you know it's been a busy season. I think people like to talk about life in a linear way, or organized into neat little weeks, or schedules. I've learned my life tends to work more in seasons- recognizing that delicate balance between routine and spontaneity, between 'going after your dreams' and providing for basic needs. Either way, this season has been marked with a ton of work. 

As you may know, I work for a charity. We are working tirelessly every day to feed hungry people and to create sustainable ways for people to emerge from poverty. I said tirelessly. That was a lie. We are tired. We are few and there is endless work to accomplish. We are already making a tremendous impact, and so this has been a season of work.

In addition to working for that company, I am also performing in a production of 'Company.' (see what I did there?) Returning to theatre after a ten year hiatus has been all of the things: frightening, rewarding, challenging, risky, time-consuming, fun. You do question sometimes after being away from something you love- something that defined you for such a long period of your life- that the magic won't be there anymore. That the talent may have evaporated, or something. But it is still there- and hopefully has grown with time and experience. We opened last weekend and have been having a blast. 

The show is about Bobby, a 35 year old who is contemplating all of the issues surrounding marriage. As our cast is in their 20's to late 30's, it's a great show for all of us, on the varying plane of relationship statuses, to work on and work through. Life imitates art, and good art illuminates life. 

After the show retires in a couple of weeks, I'm already looking ahead to 'returning' to music in a more full time capacity. It's been a few years since I've written an album, and all of the questions arise- will I still be able to write songs? Will they be any good? What if it's been too long? What if all of my sweat droplets earned over many years of work have evaporated? And yet, just as with Company, I am hopeful that, with this approaching season, that my music has grown, has had more experience, has had more time to breathe. Because good art illuminates life. And I have grown, I have learned, and I have much more to share.

It's that time of year...

How is it Christmas already? The older I get, the more quickly the time passes. I supposed being wrapped up with all sorts of Busyness and Important things makes one miss the peace and wonder of the season. I could take this moment to list many things I'm grateful for this year, and announce my goals for next year, but I generally hold those personal things closer to the chest than most. But suffice it to say, I have grown more as a person in the last year than I have in a long time. I've been stretched, and am still learning discipline and all of those things. Am I slowly becoming an adult? I'm still not sure what the markers of adulthood include. I did buy a new mattress this year, and that seemed like a big deal. No? I do think this season makes one stop and think not just about what output they are producing, and really think about what lasting impact and legacy they will leave. I'm talking like the end is near. I guess that makes me an adult- to think about such things and not the frivolity of youth. Maybe my lesson this year is to find that frivolity and joy a little more in every day. Instead of pondering the finality I can celebrate the now- be more consciously attached to every precious moment of life. I've been a little bit insular lately and self-protective, but I also want to make sure next year I communicate more with you. I want you to know more about my life and music and journey and hopefully instill a little positivity into your days and weeks and years. 

Damn. I just did what I said I wouldn't do. Well, maybe I'm willing to not play things as close to the chest as I thought. Merry Christmas, and here's to a bright, bold and beautiful 2015. 

New York, NY!

I love New York. I love the business, the endless options, the way it caters to insomniacs like me. I lived there a few years ago and completely fell in love. It's like a first boyfriend- you never forget your first. Anyways, I'm based in Michigan now and do love Michigan for a lot of reasons, but I make it a point to go back often. Which brings me to announce that I will be headed back to New York in a few weeks to play a showcase at the Bitter End. This venue is steeped in musical history, and marks the spot where greats like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and countless others got their feet wet and became the artists they are known to be. I'm playing from 10-10:30 and introducing some new tunes. Please, if you're in the area, come on down! It's a great night of multiple talented artists, and tickets are only $5. We'll go grab a glass of wine afterwards. 

For more show details, head to the 'tour' page. 


I'm trying to reconcile my insomniac tendencies with my daily life. It's a constant struggle. Part of me doesn't want to be creative until after 7 p.m. And yet I have responsibilities that get me up every morning, bright and early. There is something romantic about the nighttime. I know a lot of other artists are the same way- and sometimes I envy the lifestyle other artists have that they can sleep in and live life on their timeline, and still play shows until 2 a.m. I was reading an article recently about famous artists/ scientists/ authors/ famous people and their daily habits/ routines. As much as I long for a simplistic, only art creation-centered lifestyle, I wonder if this is even possible for most artists. Most people I know who are musicians have multiple jobs, and are trying to maintain a roof over their heads and still carve out that solace to create. Maybe that's why artists love the nighttime- most regular businesses are closed, and there are fewer distractions. At least, that's what I like about the night. Fellow artists, what are your habits? Or, what do wish your habits would be?

We raised 6,672 meals!

As you know, I work with the Will Play For Food Foundation, which is an organization committed to work with artists and celebs of all kinds to end Childhood Hunger in our own backyard. I was thrilled and pleased to play a show on July 3 at HOME in the BOB where we raised 6,672 meals for hungry kids in the Grand Rapids, MI area. I am so proud of my fans for supporting this night and cause and for donating to reach this amazing (and record-setting) number of meals. Stay tuned to see how you can help this cause at an upcoming show, and for more information, click here: Cheers!