Top 10

I thought you might want to know my top 10 awesome things about this week in the life of Rebekah Rhys. You may not know that you wanted to know, but now that I've mentioned it, you're awfully curious, aren't you. Any guesses? With Letterman retired, someone has to make generally useless but entertaining top 10 lists. So here goes.

10. Sleeping in. I got to sleep in a few times this week. I won't tell you how late. But it was AWESOME. 

9. Had a fabulous bloody mary at GRBC. They make their own mix, and I'm a sucker for a good bloody. Highly recommended.

8. The pope is in the USA. I am not a Catholic, but I think Pope Francis is pretty rad. Plus, I just heard he's putting out a prog rock album (really, not a joke) and I'm thinking... collaboration? 

7. An acquaintance of mine has two very sick kids who have a rare kidney disorder. This week they BOTH got a new kidney, and just like that are on their way to a healthy, happy life disease-free. I'm so stoked for them. Seriously, you should hear their story here. 

6. I travelled to Rockford, IL with my sig other and watched him lead an amazing health seminar. It's so inspiring to see positive people inspire others, and there were enough positive tear-jerking moments for a FEW weeks. :) 

5. Got to visit not one, but TWO beautiful lakes this week and just BE. Namaste. 

4. Organized my desk. AND filed my paperwork appropriately. I have a clean desk, guys. This is a big deal.

3. The musical I was in, Company, was nominated for a 'Best Musical' Grand Award. I am stoked, but not surprised. Because we were amazing. :) 

 2. Open for Jennifer Knapp. Technically, this was over 7 days ago, but it was recent enough to talk about. It's not every day you get to play on the same stage as someone who shaped your songwriting style. So yeah, that was awesome. 

1. Typically, weather in September in Michigan is, well, unpredictable. Sometimes it snows. This week has been GLORIOUS. I am in the best mood ever when it's sunny out, and I have appreciated and soaked in every moment. The power of that glorious globe of Vitamin D goodness can never be underestimated. 

And there you have it folks. Just a peek into my world for the week. I'm playing Zeeland, MI tomorrow night from 8-11, so come out and have a slice. Ciao.